Monday, 1 May 2017

First Holy Communion...another milestone

So next week, my son will be receiving his first Holy Communion!

Am excited for him, such a blessed milestone, after 1.5 years of going for catechism almost every saturday that is delivered in Kiswahili (no less)

Of course, my mind goes back to my own first Holy Communion day

It was in Holy Family minor basilica in the centre of town. My sister and I wore matching outfits that probably had 90% net fabric (i should look for that picture!). I remember the outfits were made my my mothers friend at a place near Kongoni primary school

I entrance hymn which I recall vividly was

...Enter his gates with thanksgiving,
Enter his courts with praise,
Today will be, a Joyful day,
Enter his gates with.....

So this is my prayer to my son


Thursday, 13 April 2017

To new beginnings

I feel like I have been with DCA for a minute!!

Today was my last day at work and it took me all of five minutes to pack my stuff, handover the key and exit the building

Its been 1year 4 months and am ready for the next challenge, it has been an interesting ride, nothing like where i was previously for 11 years! I have always worked in small teams but this has been the smallest ever! At first I must admit it was a massive challenge trying to get self motivation to work from home, but once i got the hang of it, I actually prefered it to driving all the way to Lavington.  Gives a new meaning to managing by results!

My kids also loved this, and would keep asking me, Mummy are you working from home??

Then of course when you have meetings via skype and you have to remember to tell the older kids to contain the youngest so that he doesnt burst into the room! only happened once though, but i was nearly done with the meeting anyways

I will miss DCA
BUT, such is life

One door closes, another one opens

Praise be to Almighty God

Daddy has rested.........


it comes as a bit of a shock when you wake up on a Sunday morning, and casually glance at your phone and see missed calls and messages, please call me back. Thats what happened to me on the morning of March 26...I called back my sis in Dar and she broke the news, thats not what i was expecting to hear! I mean we knew he was down and she had visited with him the day before and informed us that yes he looked weak, but he was ok. And that that night at 11pm he was to get another injection....kumbe that was it!! waaaaaaaaaaaa

I cried

I felt sad

More for him, really, that dealing with diabetes all these years then thats what actually floors you


I had to be one to tell my younger sis since thats the only person who didnt know. She leaves closeby, and that was not easy


and in such cases, one just has to dry the tears and together, decide on what needs to be done. See my father had many children, and we are the older ones, the ones in Nairobi, so we were well aware that the main plans would emanate from Nairobi. Mercifully one of us was in Dar and so could keep us informed

My bro flew out that evening and it was really great that he could do that, BUT I can only imagine the strain he went through since the group in Dar was adamant that Mzee Mawanda be laid to rest very soon and not April 8th as we had hoped

So April 1st was set as the date. That sounded so close, but we managed

That week was a blur, so many things to be done, travel documents, newspaper adverts, programs, attire much to be raised....friends coming through like you cant imagine...despite the short notice....forever grateful....

About 23 people came from Nairobi by bus via Kampala to Bukoba and a good number from Dar es salaam by bus and air. My sis had gone to Bukoba earlier than all and kept writing that its raining and very muddy, and sure enough the bus we were in could not go past a given point to Bibi (my 91 year old grandmothers) home

March 31st was the vigil night and April 1st after a somber mass, then there was the viewing - thats when it hits, since i had not seen him in that state before


It looks so final, dont know what this verse means, but it passed through my mind

1 Corintians 15:
54When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come to pass: “Death has been swallowed up in victory.” 55“Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” 56The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the Law.…

Fare thee well Daddy

So many memories
So many  lessons
Watch over us

Till we meet again

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

When we waste water?

Today is March 22

Today is World Water Day!

The theme is around water and wastewater....that we need to conserve water and make better use of waste water

Water is sensitive to me, I grew up in the big city, but soon many estates came around ours and poof, the taps went dry. This started a long period of having water that comes maybe once a week, and drips out at night, so we learnt the art of listening for water. And as soon as the water came, we jumped out of bed (no matter and time) and began washing and cleaning and storing water till morning, when the taps went dry again.

The estate had one house that had access to army water....and so when the massive water bowser came to fill their big tanks, we benefitted from the balance....and since the pipe was big, having a basin was futile since the pressure was too high and all the water would splash out. So we brought out the movable tank and once it was filled up, we filled up smaller basins and ferried the precious commodity home!! waaaaaaaa

Then I moved to a boarding school and as luck would have it, the big tank that supplied the school had a problem and so that was my introduction to fetching water from a river > we had to make several trips, for the kitchen using huge metalic sufurias, for a teacher who can reroute you as you make your way back to the school and finally for self! And I tell you God was on our side, because that basin of water was the drinking water as well

So this poster rings so true for me

Fast forward to college days and still home didnt have constant water supply, and so during trips to town center, it was very emotional for me seeing the verandah at KENCOM being washed with water from a massive pipe and flowing freely and am like, wish we had that kind of water at home! #sigh

Of course working in ASAL areas made me have a whole other appreciation for water....the sight of the dry earth for miles and miles is enough for someone to know that once they get water, they need to use it carefully!

So this water day, spare a thought for those who dont have access to clean water...and think twice before you waste water please....


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Mummy fear!

Its raining!! ok, a slight drizzle, but after such a hot day, any amount of rain is welcome

Am enjoying a hot cup of tea and some sweet potatoe, yummy!

Takes me back to when my kids were young, I had been told that sweet potatoes are good for kids. Thing is, sweet potatoes normally chock me, I dont know why...I cant take more than a you can imagine I never ever gave my kids sweet potatoes; they tasted in when they could walk and talk!!

I never admit this publicly, hehehehe, would sound strange!!

I also love mushroom soups and sauces...but I again mummy fear sets in!! I have read about mushroom being poisonous, and so all i do is look at them in supermarkets and step aside! of course when am in a restaurant, i never fail to order some mushroom! wish i knew how to tell these apart so family could also enjoy this taste!

Of course this continous campaign against polio also gives me jitters. My under 5 has had so many vaccines against polio I honestly cant wait to have him turn 5!  8 more months to go....when i see the letter from schoool i sign with a lot of reservation, since its been drummed that the vaccine is not harmful no matter how many times its given....honestly i dont understand this logic, much as it has been explained to me soooo many times!

There is the issue of earbuds!..strange eh?? Thing is, I fear that the kid will stick things into the nose or ears and it becomes an for a long long time, I have never used earbuds in front of my kids....for fear that they may stick other things into their ears!

Anyways, what fears do you have as a mum??

Sunday, 19 March 2017


she walks, no wobbles into the room

one cant mistake her

i mean, she must be over 200kg!

everyone is trying not to stare

me included

she seems to be used to the stares

they dont seem to faze her

she takes her seat

feels like a thud!

am concerned

thats where am headed

thats how i will look and feel like!!!

if i keep up with this procrastination!

oh my!

even my young son says my arms wigu wigu

(wiggle wiggle)

i must look at that gym advert again

i should start right away

they have a class this evening


or i start tomorrow?


Friday, 10 February 2017

Me and my markings...

Looking at pictures of women with traditional markings on their face, and  this made me check out the marks I have on me....of course none are as deliberate and symmetrical as what these ladies have done on their faces!! that's bold, waaaaaaaa

So I bear some scars on me...thing is, I don't have a mark on me that I don't recall how it got there

BUT the word scar seems so lets just call them marks :)

I was in a primary boarding school that had lots of barbed wire....wire around paddocks of green grass....we were allowed to step on the i wonder why the short fences with barbed wire...anyhoo....I think each child who passed through this primary school must have been grazed...I cant remember what I was doing, but I got myself a huge deep cut on my leg. No idea why I didn't go and see the school nurse...I just stayed with it till it healed!!! no tetanus shot, no fever...waa...God does indeed take care of children...

My thumb also has a mark,...the nail is not curved well, is more angular....this i recall very vaguely what happened...and if I remember right, I think I actually saw the bone on my thumb!!....the thumb had gotten swollen and the swelling had to be cut off....years ago when i tried getting the real story from mother, she said, weeeeeeeeeeeeeee don't even go there! and that was details of what happened, i may never know

Then of course the stretchmarks all over my body! thankfully I paid attention to a tip to rub my growing tummy with copious amounts of good old Vaseline when expectant, so I did this for the three rounds and so that was sorted...should have done the same for my legs though...LOL...anyways, these ones I wear with pride....I carried humans for crying out loud....some marks of victory have to remain on me!!!