Wednesday, 1 November 2017


So am in an uber

I have been staring at the comp whole day

so decide to stare at images at a distance

am told thats a good way to exercise tired eyes

my eyes focus on the street lights

we are on the by pass

fast heading towards the interchange at Ole Sereni

suddenly deja vue

All of us piled into the car

circa. 1983

taking Mum to work, in Kenyatta National Hospital

night duty used to start at 8 I think

cant remember much after that

oh well

back to reality

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The BIG countdown

Sifa: Mummmmm, are there many gods??????????


Sifa: why do we say Mungu wangu?? (meaning everyone has their own God)

Me: (pause) because he is one God for all of us

Sifa's mind has already moved on to the next things

I love this age! they are so inquisitive! and the questions can sometimes floor you, you really have to get to know why they are asking

Sifa: we are 2 boys and one girl

Me: yes, so i have one daughter and 2 sons

Sifa: am i your daughter?

Me: ...ummm, no my son!

Sifa - crying loudly - waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I want to be your daughter (it sounds more special i guess)

Me: ok for today, you are my daughter (will explain the difference later to him)


and also this day he asks: Mummmmmmmm, God is who to Jesus?

Me: he is his Father

Sifa: na mbona  teacher anasema Joseph ni baba yake

Me: ummmmmmmmmmmmm

Incidentally, since we turned over the calendar to October, we have been counting down the days to 20th

and now he announced that people can wear sweatpants at the party

and that Yaya & Zouk is the cartoon on the cake!! wait, one day to the day, he says he wants PJ Mask on the cake....frantic call to cake lady....hope you have not printed the cartoon yet? we need to change it!

....and when we took a road trip to Nyeri for his birthday, and we had the  blue sign 'You Should Be Here' to take photos with........he says BUT Mummmmm, we are already here!!!!!!!!!!!

This truly is a special birthday!

Happy happy 5th birthday my Bujacus!

Saturday, 7 October 2017


This life is full of noise

at every turn, your attention is demanded

and internet does not help this dilemma

instantly our attention is taken to something else

even if in the middle of conversation

suddenly the incoming message seems more important

just with the bleep of 'new message'

once in a while, one needs to unplug

unplug from everything

put of phone, laptop, and any other device

and listen to your heart

in the silence, you may just hear God speak to you!

This was my plan today

But, i had to cancel

maybe next weekend!

Of birthdays and themes

I love celebrating birthdays!

The whole preparation, and sharing food and laughter with family and friends just gets me all so excited

So I turned...ah hem....and surprise party was in the works, challenge is one of the guests let it slip a week to the dday, so change of plan, I had to be enjoined in it..

Theme was the 60s!! and oh what fun we had/ including a VW Combi photo frame, thanks to the party organiser!! we had a blast, cheers to many many more!! the kids in estate think i turned 60!!!! LOLEST

Sunday, 24 September 2017



Oh am late

dash off to nm lane

reach 8am

type away

oh, its nearly 2

better get something to eat

oh its nearly 7

better leave now

repeat motion each day


oh am tired

and this cough!

i need a vacation

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Amazing Jordan

So I went to Jordan for a week - the heat!!! Thank God i carried my hat :)

I was excited about the trip especially since I have really longed to see River Jordan and all the history around it. I missed a trip to Israel some time back and my sis has taunted me for this for years!!

The hotel we stayed in was simply amazing, what these guys have done to recover dry land and made such an oasis, only God knows! very impressive!! and the infinity pools? let me just stop there

So.........on one of the evenings, we went town to the beach and simply floted in the Dead Sea, plastered mud all over our bodies, took a shower (some went back to the sea) and finished with a swim at the glorious infinity pool - amazing experience...and i will not even start on how the sunsets look like over the deadsea...

By day 4 we took a drive to the river and saw the place where Jesus was baptised. It has been fenced and the river no longer passes changed route... two people in the group actually dipped themselves in the river, where it now passes overlooking an imposing Israel border, symbolic of being baptised (one needs to but a special white robe for this)

The fifth day we took off to Petra....on the way there we saw the statue that's believed to be Lots wife, the one who turned to a pillar of salt.... I must say I had never heard of this place before! Petra that is

From the name it means rock (remember Peter, being called rock). The place is one rocky place and it is an ancient city that was built on the rocks! Those guys curved out amazing tombs and stadium from the rocks....waaaaaaa...yaani just google for more information

Then we were reminded that Petra was featured in TinTin and Indiana Jones movies...imagine that!

Ah Jordan! amazing place

Enchanting Zanzibar!

So, I have a large notice board in my room which I call a Vision Board

The idea was to put up images of places we would love to visit as a family - and you can be sure the first picture was that of Zanzibar

...and so it has come to pass!

From August 11-13 we visited the enchanting island....the planning had been in the works since Easter! We travelled to Zanzibar by the ferry and this was a unique experience! we sat the inner deck and the aircon was maximum so was very chilly!! Around 90min later we landed in warm Zanzibar and made our way to the hotel Zanzibar Beach hotel....the hotel is ok with a great swimming pool, but looks run down...though there was a lot of activity geared to sprucing it up - am sure it will soon look magnificent again.

That evening we had dinner at air food market serving delicious ready to eat eats....of course with cholera back home we wondered how this concept can be adopted in a city like Mombasa! anyways, we enjoyed it kabisa

The kids loved the swimming pool ..and so the second day we took off into town with older kid only and toured Stone Town! oh what history! it pays to have a guide, then you don.t miss the rich story this island has. The doors just blew me away....I simply had to get a fridge magnet to remind me of their majesty. We had heard a lot about Lukeman and so we had lunch there - its a cozy restaurant that serves local dishes at the most affordable prices; and its full of tourists too!

Soon it was time to head back home...this time we sat in the upper deck of the ferry....

I would go back there!

and recommend that if only adults that the hotels inside stonetown are good....since you are then within walking distance of everything including the ferry terminus.....but if you have tiny tots, maybe the hotels mashambani (further in) would be better!..

Now thats a big tick on the Zanzibar postcard on the vision board


I wonder!